CD jewelcase 10.4mm zwart voor 2 cd's 5 stuks

De bekendste cd doos die al sinds de jaren 80 gebruikt wordt is deze CD jewelcase met een standaard dikte van 10,4 mm. Deze doos heeft een zwarte tray en is geschikt voor 2 cd's.
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Product Description


Het doosje heeft aan de voorkant & achterkant ruimte om een hoesje in te doen

Additional Information

Additional Information

Brand Mediarange
Thickness 10,4 mm (jewelcase)
Color Black

Formats information

As a service we have a program that allows you to easily print covers for all types of boxes we deliver download

Difference in our range of CD & DVD boxes

In addition to budget, we also offer professional quality empty CD jewelcases & DVD boxes in various formats. We can offer you a box for practically any application. Quality for the professionals / duplicators among us, budget for the home user.

Different back thicknesses

To save space, the side of a box is made narrower. If this is half you can put 2 boxes on the spot of 1. 14 mm is the standard thickness of a DVD box, 10.4 mm from a cd jewelcase.

Create covers

The best result for a case is obtained with special inkjet photo paper. A DVD case fits best, and looks best with 115 - 135 grams photo paper. For a cd jewel case, 160 to 180 grams is the best choice.

The difference between the boxes

Budget = moderate quality (well, it's a box) recycled material Professional = good quality (machine packable) mostly completely new material