1. All prices are without shipping costs, you have to give an order to a shipping company to pick up the goods at us and deliver them to you. If you can't find a suitable company you can give us the order to contract a shipping company on your behalf to deliver the goods to you. If you want you can insurence the parcel against lost or demage.

  2. All orders are treated with 'prepay', cash or pay with iDEAL. When you choose for prepay you receive an ordernumber by email. As soon as you have paid the order you receive our confirmation by email and we send the package to you. When the ordered product is not in stock we try to deliver a replacement.

  3. Unfortunately we have to charge the costs of sending always, even when a product is damaged in the guarantee term (due to the low margin). When the package is refused or cannot be delivered due to a wrong address we have to charge the shipping costs again (the post charges us for the costs of the sening to you, back to us and we have to pay the costs of paying at the postman as well).

  4. When a product does not work, we can test it for you. For return the product to us you need a rma form which we you provide. We check the product for you and when it does not work (hardware, burners e.o) will this be treated as mentioned under point 3. When the product turns out to be working, we will return it to you, the costs will be 7,50 euro and the shipping costs.

  5. All the products that we sell (except ink cartridges) have a guarantee of 24 months, if the guarantee term differs, it is mentioned. The producer determines if something is guarantee or not. An exception is the writable media, they don't have any guarantee. Opened packed can never be returned, only when it is clear that the producer made a mistake. The guarantee for inkt cartridges is only for dry out within three months by normal use.

  6. We can only accept orders which are done in our webshop. Its also posible to visit our shop in Drinklange.

  7. Change of products is only possible when we receive the product within 14 days in the original package. When products don't work the product will be replaced, the treatment depends on the guarantee terms of the producer.

  8. Products which you ordered by mistake can only be returned within 14 days in the original unopened package. You can do a new order with at least the same value. For the returned order we can charge you 7,50 euro for administration and shiping cost. When the price of the returned product is decreased, you receive the decreased price.

  9. We are not responsible for all sorts of damage, for example a product that doesn't work, delayed shipments, loss of data and all other possible damages.

  10. When we gave you order on your behalf to a carrier, you receive an email. When you receive the shipment not within 3 days, we ask you to let uw know, we try to trace the package. When the shipment is lost, the carrier will do an investigation. We always have to wait on the result of this investigation before we can do anything. This investigation can take two weeks. Protection of your privacy: we don't give your information to others. Cookies are used to check what is inside your shoppingcart. We don't use your e-mail address for mailings but when you asked to receive our mailings, you will receive our news and info.