Eela audio S-93 telephone module new original for SBM 90 mixing consoles

Module for the SBM-90 mixing console from Eela. This is an original new module!

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A complete input/output channel with built in HYBRID for direct connection to PTT line and telephone. A maximum of two such modules can be used in the SBM90 with automatic cross conversation when on air. The rejection of the SEND in the received signal can be optimised by an internal trim.

As an option a version without internal hybrid but with cleanfeed to connect an external hybrid is available.

TB IN: Input and loop to connect the Talkback microphone preamplifier.

CALL: Led and ON button, the LED will blink upon an incoming call, with the ON button the hybrid is switched on.

SEND: Volume control for the SEND signal to the caller. The necessary cleanfeeds are provided internally.

GAIN: can be set over a 20dB range.

AUX: a “free” aux output, internally there are busses for studio foldback and clean feeds.

PANPOT: positions the signal anywhere in the stereo mix.

CUE: a stereo pre fader listening facility, only when the fader is closed. With internal LED. The CUE here is mainly used for communication with the caller with the channel fader closed by listening via the CUE speaker and talking by holding the COMM button.

COMM: Push-to-talk, also will dim the CUE speaker to prevent howl round. When the fader opens, both talk and listen functions are disabled to prevent communication entering the program mix.

FADER: generates a DC-voltage to control the channel VCA, the actual level setting device.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Brand Eela Audio
SKU sbm 90 S93 new
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Model SBM 90
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