USB knop start unit MIDI IO unit 6 input

Pair your mixing table with your playout software (need MIDI), stop dreaming and make it happen!
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* MIDI signals by USB
* Windows & Mac
* 6 make contacts
* Includes a USB cable

Tested with:
mAirlist, Mixxx, Proppfrexx, PlayIt live, VirtualDJ 2021 (alleen pro versie), RadioDJ V1 & V2, Smart Radio, Aeron Studio, Freeplayer.

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Product Description


Pair your (broadcast) mixer with PC
Stop dreaming and make it happen!

For downloads like software, manuals and more, visit this

Professional radio studios use it, etc. At the press of a button, the fader opens and the music starts. But yes they have a budget that we can only dream of.

Through this smart microprocessor controlled unit you can connect a Berhinger mixer with your playout software with your computer.

Each entry (6 pieces) can give you a function, for example, starting the main player or a cart player. The entrances consist of female tulip connections that are inexpensive to obtain. Each input is a create contact that connects to your fader or button start.

If your button or fader gives a pulse, the software translates this to a command that is transmitted to your computer via the supplied USB cable. The required voltage is via the USB connection, so no external power source is required.

Additional Information

Additional Information

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