DVD box 12 dvds black 3 pcs

  • DVD Box suitable for 12 DVDs
  • DVD is released by a "Push down button"
  • Made from recycled plastic
  • Box has a transparent foil on the outside for a cover
  • Dimensions: 19cm x 13.5cm x 3.9cm
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Product Description


The box has space on the front to put a cover in.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Brand Mediarange
SKU dvdcase12
Use Standard / private
Thickness 39 mm
Color Black

Formats information

As a service we have a program that allows you to easily print covers for all types of boxes we deliver download

Difference in our range of CD & DVD boxes

In addition to budget, we also offer professional quality empty CD jewelcases & DVD boxes in various formats. We can offer you a box for practically any application. Quality for the professionals / duplicators among us, budget for the home user.

Different back thicknesses

To save space, the side of a box is made narrower. If this is half you can put 2 boxes on the spot of 1. 14 mm is the standard thickness of a DVD box, 10.4 mm from a cd jewelcase.

Create covers

The best result for a case is obtained with special inkjet photo paper. A DVD case fits best, and looks best with 115 - 135 grams photo paper. For a cd jewel case, 160 to 180 grams is the best choice.

The difference between the boxes

Budget = moderate quality (well, it's a box) recycled material Professional = good quality (machine packable) mostly completely new material